Len Telapost

Feb 16, 2016
I am trying to figure out precisely what Google does or does not allow for structured data markup for aggregated reviews.

I have seen a few local businesses using schema markup for aggregate ratings.

Let's say they have 50 Google reviews. If they're using microdata they'll add a (marked up) sentence to the bottom of their service pages that says something like "We're rated 5 our of 5 stars based on our Google reviews." Then in search results the pages get a 5 star rich snippet. They properly link out to their Google reviews and accurately report their rating. One site I monitored has has snippets displaying for years.

My question is- are they doing it correctly or are they eligible for a penalty? As far as I can tell they aren't breaking any rules.

Also, most people implement the markup on one page- it appears that using review markup sitewide would be a mistake. Or is it?

Google's pages are a bit confusing on this topic, especially when local business pages are offering services but are highly reviewed.

The only thing Google has to saw about this:

Additionally, a business such as an auto repair company may have multiple offerings such as "oil changes" or "transmission repair".

- Are aggregated Google reviews safe for strutured data?
- Is implementing them site wide a bad idea?

If anyone has any experience with this, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Tony Wang

Oct 13, 2014
I definitely see local businesses getting sitewide snippets, and have done it myself, but David Deering advises against this. He wrote this post recently: Understanding Google's Updated Structured Data Guidelines - Local University

The last few paragraphs discuss your question; my understanding is that aggregate reviews are ok for snippets, but not sitewide. I think David recommends a unique/specific review snippet for each individual service page. For example, "oil change" reviews on your Oil Change Service page.

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