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Jul 19, 2012
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Anyone else seeing impacts from this reported algo update that seems to have taken place from September 8th to September 11? Would love to see some examples.

We are seeing some interesting ranking increases and drops around September 9th and 10th on both the organic and local side.

One pattern I keep seeing is an increase in local ranking has a corresponding decrease in organic ranking.

algo update 4.jpg

algo update 5.jpg

algo update 6.jpg

algo update 1.jpg

algo update 2.jpg

algo update 3.jpg

algo update 4.jpg

algo update 5.jpg

algo update 6.jpg
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Here's another interesting example where local ranking dropped with the Medic update and then jumped back up with the September update.

algo update 7.jpg

algo update 7.jpg
Yep, I'm also seeing lots of evidence that this is an "adjustment" to the Medic algorithm update. In this case, we had a client who jumped up a ton for a term and I wasn't 100% sure why but this recent update put it about halfway back to where it was before. Sept 11 Update.jpg

Sept 11 Update.jpg
Which rank reporting tool is it that y'all are showing in those screen shots?
That is using Bright Local.
Hmmm.... thanks. I use BL, I just didn't recognize the format.
[MENTION=3160]Tim Colling[/MENTION]

If you look at the Tracker Chart tab you can select specific keywords and see these graphs.
Hey All

This one affected by Medic is recovering nicely.

This one had a domain migration at the same time as medic, so all over the place

Apart from these two everything pretty stable.
Adding another example that shows the change for Maps between this date range. This was for a business that was heavily impacted by Medic.
September 8-11.png

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