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JS Girard

Mar 29, 2022
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I spotted a version of the city panel with an alternate design and much more displayed content I'd never seen before. It reminded me of the mobile version. This caught me by surprise as I'm not used to catching these tests in French. It's on Chrome in French. I've appended the "normal" results from Firefox in English.

Is this travel-focused format known for desktop previously?

test longueuil.jpg

normal longueuil.jpg
I'm still surprised I'm getting it at all, much less in French and not in English. Usually it's the other way, when we even get these tests/novelties at all to begin with (most X-owned attributes do not extend beyond the US for example.)

Along the same line, since I only distractedly keep track of tourism stuff, is this kind of cards new? I'm only seeing it for entities that are NOT municipalities, but there seems to be no clear way to predict what entities have them.



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