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Dec 7, 2015
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Hi there,

I've been subscribing to LSF for a while but not sure I've started a new thread - so here goes! Thanks in advance!

I work for an agency and we have a problem with updating Thomson Local directory listings in the UK. We believe Thomson Local to be a very important UK directory, so it's really important that we get these listings right for all our clients.

Obviously I cannot give an actual client, but on a listing such as this, clicking 'Edit this listing' takes you to Local ADvantage which provides you with precisely no information about what to do next without a login.

I used to be able to update listings via a contact at 118 Information, but I've recently been asked to pay a company called 'Get Me Everywhere' a fee of ?50 per listing per year to do this for me. This fee seems to be only for agencies and a client would be able to update their own listings for free.

I've site searched LSF and not found any mention of Get Me Anywhere, but I assume others must have the same issue. Does anyone have any advice on how to update Thomson Local listings (and others in this directory network like Touch Local, etc.) without having to pay?

Alternatively, is my only option to stop being a cheapskate and pay for some sort of listing management, such as GME, on this directory network?

Any help would be much appreciated.
Hi BaggySEO,

We were getting listings updated through the contact us form until today! Due to the amount of requests they are getting they will now charge ?50 per location even for the listing to be removed! This is the same for 118.

Although there seems no way around this I wouldn't recommend paying. You'll end up with duplicate listings as they then submit your data out to 250 sites (you'll see that in the email you get) but don't account for duplicate listings. This could cause more damage than keeping this as an incorrect listing.

For now I would hold tight though, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out! Sorry I can't be of more help.
Hiya BaggySEO,

Quite a few of the more important citation sites here in the UK are now making it tougher for agencies / biz owners to update their listings. I believe "Get Me Everywhere" is owned by Thomson Local, you've got Infoserve who deal with Yahoo, City Visitor and others. Then there's the Scoot Network who also have their own citation service called SubmitTrakz.

For ThomsonLocal in particular we used just call them but have recently taken to emailing their data partner ( As long as you include links to any bad listings along with the correct information you should be ok. Last time I did this was early Feb and the listing was updated within a couple of weeks. Of course that also resulted in a number of sales calls from a Thomson rep trying to sell me the Get Me Everywhere product!

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