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Mar 15, 2016
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An Analysis of Review Site Listings in SERPs

Their reputation precedes them. When prospective customers search for your clients they receive a quick summary of their listings on review sites.

Your clients don't get it.

They're not entirely sure what their customers see. Even worse, they're not really sure why it matters, but it does. A thorough understanding of review site listings in the SERPS is crucial to their success.

Why though?

Your clients can't plan and prioritize

They don't have what they need.

This is where education comes in. Education gives you the tools you need to make a compelling case for a carefully crafted review management campaign. For clients, this could be the difference between failure and success.


Clients focus on results. In the beginning, most clients are uneducated. When it comes to review management, they know the basics. Positive reviews = more sales and revenue. It's still a risk though, which means clients are hesitant.

They aren't comfortable going all in.

At least, not at first. Many clients prefer to start small. "Why don't we start with a small budget, then see what you're able to do with that?" they say. You know how it goes.

But it's simply not enough.

Your clients want a significant amount of traction. They want to achieve game-changing results. This means they'll need to go all in. That they're willing to reorient their business around review management.

They won't do that unless they're educated.

By you.

Andrew goes on to really dive into the different ways the review site listings and review related real estate show up in SERPs and how to properly educate your clients when they come to you with questions about why these different elements matter to them, their business, and their bottom line.

Read Andrew's full article here.




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