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Interesting share Tim. Personally, I wonder if that's just another sign of the old directory model starting to fall on hard times. If their old subscription model isn't working anymore and they're needing to change business model, seems to me it could be driven from a similar place as Merchant Circle switching entirely over to Yext data validation and such. Seems like that market got pretty heavily over-saturated. Always good to keep an eye on the right 50 odd citations to hit for new clients though, this might even mean that Angie's List can become more than just a citation and start being an honest to God lead source.

I thought that reminder in the article about monitoring Angie's List reviews on your own was a good one too, since most review monitoring tools can't pull from there. Might be that even companies not pushing Angie's List will start getting reviews there, and as a consultant, good to be on the ball with that.
I've always thought Angie's List had more potential than staying in the saturated directory market. Hopefully this is a step in a more useful direction for businesses and searchers. Great share!
I wonder how Angie's List will protect its most valuable asset, integrity and quality of reviews. The selling point for many paid members was the fact that the reviews can be trusted.

Are the free accounts limited to read-only and no-write permission?

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