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Jul 21, 2014
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Since real estate agents are at least currently not showing up in the local pack, is there anything you'd do differently from a local SEO perspective for them?

I'm going to continue to create a Google My Business page for them as I think there are still benefits. And you never know when SHE will change her mind and start including them in pack results in the future.

But I still wonder if there are other tweaks to make.

Since their GMB page is not a huge factor in results right now, I'll be focusing on their Yelp page, Zillow, etc.

Any recommendations for changes to building citations? Or other matters?
Hi Lloyd,

I'd still do everything just like we discussed in training because you never know when Realtors will start getting a pack again.

You also don't know how Google may display the dash data. For example now it show on maps and in the knowledge panel - in future, who knows.

But yes for Realtors I'd put more energy into Barnacle SEO right now, which sounds like the direction you are heading, which is smart.

Plus in general post-Pigeon I'd put more energy into Barnacle SEO. (The other reason is due to GMB default cats.)

I thought I had a section with Barnacle SEO resources in training. But with 194 resource links spread over 65 pages of training docs, I can't find it. LOL. Let me know if you can't find it either and I can add here, or maybe I missed them and if so I'll add to the training updates section.
Thanks. Makes sense. I've never known the term barnacle seo but that's been a big part of our services for a couple years now. Works great in the right market.
I have several links to great posts about barnacle local SEO strategies.

They are in my training outline/notes to self but maybe did not get added since it's more of an organic SEO thing and in within G+ L. Away from office now, but if I remember I was going to put it in advanced tips in the "Outside the dash training module." Will check again tomorrow or Monday and add if I missed it.

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