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Feb 1, 2018
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Looking to get Yext for my business curious if anyone is selling listing management.
What features are you really interested in from Yext? Do you have dozens - hundreds of locations that you're looking to manage?
Currently yes, we're a reseller. But on our next agency renewal we're exiting out as we're doing less work with places that need weekly coupons, menus or other such items.
@Conor Treacy If you want someone to come in and clean up the mess left from Yext, we have a program at Whitespark we call our Yext Replacement program. It's basically comprehensive audit+cleanup on the top 12 sites, then we build an additional 30 citations.

Top 12 in the US are:
  1. Google
  2. Apple Maps
  3. Facebook
  4. Foursqaure (aggregator)
  5. Bing
  6. Yelp
  7. TomTom (need to get into in-car nav systems)
  8. Yellowpages
  9. InfoGroup (aggregator)
  10. Localeze (aggregator)
  11. Factual (aggregator)
  12. Dunn & Bradstreet (aggregator)

When you cancel Yext, some of the listings will unsync, and it's important to get the top sites and aggregators sorted. Lots of your listings will stick around though, so we suggest doing just an additional 30 citations (25 on generic sites and 5 on local/industry sites) to replace your lost citations and add a few more.

It's a one-time fee of $424 per location and we offer volume discounts up to 20% off (so that would make it $377/location).

If you'd like to learn more about it, please contact our customer support team at
Thanks Darren. We've been prepping accounts already, even though we're a couple of months away. I wish Yext's release of control was faster when you cancel an account. They sometimes like to hang on to things for a couple of weeks. All part of the process I guess :)
Honestly @dave101, I'd go with BrightLocal, or White Spark any day over Yext. Have you looked into all of your options? What are your reasons for choosing Yext specifically?
@Conor Treacy Hey Conor. If you call them and ask them to release your syncing, they'll do it. I think they'll even send you a prorated refund for the amount left on your subscription.
Yes @dave101 my company resells Yext at a discounted rate. I am curious what options you are looking for and needing. If you have locations that don’t need to update their hours on the fly, then use Whitespark. If your hours change depending on seasonality and you want review monitoring built in, Yext can help you.
Hey Dave,

My recommendation would be if your clients end up with 100+ locations or more, maybe you should look at Yext. The onboarding is much faster. If you can take your time with the clients, then do it manually. Because at the end of the day the annual cost is a killer on Yext.

I know Yext tries to really highlight they do coupons, menus, etc. but those features are superfluous in my opinion. I'd actually be interested to see how often a coupon offered by Yext on the directories they submit to actually gets used. I'd bet it's zero. And who is looking at a menu on a directory? And if they are, it's probably Yelp or something similar that you can just do yourself quickly. In the amount of time you upload menu information to Yext you could just upload directly to those bigger directories.

On hours, I've never really considered this an issue. We always do manual (we own Local Listing Ninja of course) and just tell people to change their hours on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Facebook and Yellowpages if you want. That's going to take care of 99% of people looking for your hours. In my opinion, there's no reason to use Yext just for the hours. Just me though.

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