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Dec 4, 2023
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Has anyone tested how 'no main hours' affects the open/closed rankings?

Would it have the rankings of open all the time, or closed all the time? In between?

Haven't tested it myself but super curious! I would assume somewhere in between but this could be hard to test since even if you remove your hours, Google prompts users to enter them so they could always get added back at random:

Hi Elizabeth,

I've been experimenting with this on one profile, so I would not draw any broad conclusion, but the profile does move down a few spots when other businesses are listed as 'open', then back up a few spots when other businesses are closed.

And yeh, the 'add hours' issue is annoying.

The crappy part is that some competitors are now listing themselves as being open 24 hours, and that's not true, but I guess eventually every business is going to list themselves open 24 hours to compete, and then it's all awash and Google just has tons of inaccurate times and plays whack-a-mole with suspending ones that it catches,

@Chris_Andrews any news on how this worked out for you? I have a couple of new customers that are home services providers so there will never be a case of customers getting upset that the business hours are not posted. It seems like a better way to avoid the ranking shifts when the business is closed without listing as a 24 hour operation.
@Chris_Andrews I found a more recent post that Joy chimed in on:


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