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Jul 18, 2012
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I just stumbled across a service called Snappr that provides local photographers for local businesses (and for individuals too).

Curious to know if anyone has used it. I assume it's similar to Thumbtack, but photog-only... but photographers think of it as Uber for photography; which they're not too enthusiastic about. I was considering this service for some clients who can't, for the life of them, get some decent pics to use for their online presence.
@Chris Ratchford, I've never heard of Snappr, and sure haven't tried it. I might give it a crack (thanks for the intel). But I have had good luck for many years with clunky old Flickr - for some clients' sites and for many of the photos in my blog posts. Of course, it takes some digging, and how much good stuff you find depends mostly on how esoteric the client's industry or content topic is. You'll want to filter by "commercial use allowed," just to avoid infringement or a shakedown.
If it's like Uber, no surprise photographers don't like it. Obviously they're using it to fill their schedule, but as long as they do the job at a reasonable rate, I'm sure it's as good as Thumbtack.

There are probably plenty of other similar services. Which means it'll be inconsistent service, but for typical business photos, probably not a big deal. I'd go for it.

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