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Feb 21, 2014
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I'm talking about this process:
Verified Google Local Business Page in Minutes - Online Ownership

Anyone ever done it? I've tried it a couple times for clients with brand new businesses and have never found it to work, for any category.

Is there something more to it, for instance, is there some type of waiting period after your site is in webmaster tools or something? Or does this just not work.
Not sure Chad, have not heard much talk about it really.

But I wonder if it's a trust issue - just like whether or not you are offered phone verification (back when they still allowed it.) So in other words, I wonder if it would work on an established business where site was set up with Google awhile back and plenty of citations and 3rd party proof it was legit?
I have had it presented as an option and have it actually work.

Unfortunately I didn't keep notes on it, so I can't tell you the details about business age, etc.
I did not have that option in the last 2 that I set up. Both are/were very new businesses with no online footprint and both SABs.
Works like a charm. I will note that the emails were always TLD emails ( not I will also note that the same email was owner for webmaster tools and Google analtics. Both GWT and GA snippets on domain corresponding to Google+ Local and verified.

1. Use only top level domain for email
2. Verify GWT, GA may not be necessary but was also verified in each the case for me.
3. Same domain on Google + Local page.

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