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Sep 16, 2013
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I have a client who has a new business. His listing for Google My Business and Apple Maps for Business are both claimed and verified. They show up correctly on mobile devices when you search the business name on each app.

However, on Apple Maps, when you type the address of the business "2669 Tarna Dr, Dallas" it goes to the completely wrong place on the map. We've reported the issue for 4+ months with no fix from Apple.

You can see that you type the business name "Bimmers Only Dallas" into Apple Maps and it will show the correct place on the map.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get this address issue fixed?
I'll ping the Apple Maps expert, Andrew Shotland on Twitter for you.
I checked the usual suspects - TomTom & OpenStreetMap - and the address looks fine, so it's probably not a problem with the underlying map data (aka "geospatial data"). It's possible there is some data out there in the ecosystem that is confusing it for this query but I suspect this is a problem that can't be fixed by manipulating 3rd party data and hoping Apple consumes it and figures it out. I think your best bet is to get as many people as possible to report a problem with the address on Apple Maps. I'd start with 50-100 people and see if that bumps it up in the priority list to get fixed. Unfortunately these types of issues can take a long time to get repaired.
Thank you for your input Andrew. That's what I suspected. We'll try and get as many people to report it as possible.
Hi Andrew,

One of our clients is having the same issue, except their Apple Listings are still "In Review" and have been for almost two months (not sure if this will affect anything), but they show up correctly on mobile devices when you search the business name on each app.

However, on Apple Maps, when you type the address of the business "4684 Roswell Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30342" it goes to the wrong end of the street.

When you type the business name "Buckhead Plastic Surgery" into Apple Maps it will show the correct place on the map. Do you mind checking on your end in TomTom and OpenStreetMap to see if this is the same problem as above and we just need to keep reporting the problem or if there is something else i can do to escalate the issue.

Thanks in advance!
Pretty sure it's the "NE" that's confusing things. Both TomTom and OSM have problems when "NE" is added. I would update both and AM and pray.
Thanks Andrew!

I have never had to update an address on TomTom or OSM. Do you mind pointing me in the right direction for updating both.

I appreciate all your help. Thanks again!
Alright, Apple Maps, TomTom, and OSM have been alerted ...let the praying begin!

Thanks again!
I know this is an old thread but our client has a similar problem on apple maps. When you type in one of their locations names, apple maps starts displaying all the locations but with just one of the addresses. I understand this data may be pulled from Yelp? All our Yelp listings are correct.

Any help appreciated.

see snapshot here.

Yelp listings are correct - Album on Imgur

thanks in advance,


I would recommend just claiming and verifying the listing(s) directly on Apple Maps. They will require automated phone verification.
Not sure I get the problem from that screenshot. I see multiple different addresses in that screenshot and when I do the query myself on AM. Regardless, I agree with Scott's. Manual claiming via is the first step to fixing issues with AM.
Yeah, same. Not understanding the issue.

And yes, agree you should manually claim. Will require phone verification.

It make take up to 2 weeks for the claim to go through.

Also, when they do go through, double check what you see in your dashboard vs Apple Maps app. It's not uncommon for them to show a different phone or name than what you see in your dashboard. I've had it happen often to our business listing clients. In that case, you would just email into support to have them fix it.

Hope that helps!

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