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Sep 29, 2015
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On Bing and Google, you can select an option to hide your address 'you provide services at the customer's location' I don't see that in Apple Maps Connect. Very surprised as can't you look up businesses in Apple Maps? This would make Apple Maps' list of businesses inferior since it would not include a lot businesses that are by appointment only, work from their home, or simply don't take customers at their location and don't want people showing up there.
SABs are not eligible for Apple Maps, only brick and mortar locations.
That sucks...many of us will not participate then.
If they respected I personally use an address that will not be listed.I do local seo ,and do it from my apartment.I am disabled,and not able to actually run a business,do to the stroke that I had.
This to me is like a form of judgement for being disabled.
Glad thing that they are a very small portion and not one off the bigger companies.
Thanks for the judgement Apple...
Hey consultant/onlinevis...

Try to look at this from a different perspective. I'm certain this isn't a judgement about any group of people.

There is a sound reason for not having your address on Apple Maps. AM is meant to be a directions / navigation system. If the address of a business is hidden, where is Apple meant to direct people to?

And, Apple save themselves endless headaches Google suffers with of fake business listings. That helps them keep the integrity of the maps/navigation a little higher. And *that* is only goodness.
Apple Maps is just a mapping service to help people get from Point A to Point B.

I imagine they're hoping people don't search "roofers" and "painters" in Apple Maps.

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