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Feb 9, 2018
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In My Business, under Info, the Appointment URL that I specified has been crossed out with an orange line. The URL I used is the Contact-Us page on my website which has a typical contact form. But this forum does not allow them to set an actual date and time, just contact us to do so.

Is that required?

The odd thing is that on mobile the link to Appointment goes to the contact page just fine, even though it is crossed out in GMB.
In a desktop browser I am not seeing a link to make an appointment at all.
@Ampere, it's fine to link to a "Contact Us" page. Doesn't have to be a third-party booking service, with an appointment scheduler.

You'll probably need to continue the tug of war with Google, to make sure the appointment URL stays put. Several fields Google often auto-updates for no clear reason. The "appointment URL" field is one of them.
I would check to make sure the page is indexed. If it's not, that's one reason why Google removes it.

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