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Jul 10, 2013
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For a mental health provider in the Appointment URL a Zocdoc URL has been added in addition to our website URL. I noticed this happened for several other competitor in the same city.

I assume this is a third party agreement between Google and Zocdoc to allow their URL to be on our GBP without our permission.

Is there anyway to request its removal? Hoping there has been a change as of late to give the business owner some recourse.
I think you'd need to contact Zocdoc to see if they could remove it, or contact GBP support but I haven't had this problem before.
I would guess it's an agreement between G and Zocdoc. Google likes to make those types of agreements and then leave it to the individual business to sort it out :-( They did that with restaurants for ordering online. Hopefully Zocdoc is cooperative. If the client is using Zocdoc, it should be easier to get it removed.

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