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Jan 23, 2022
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Looked on the forum and couldn't find any definitive answer.
We have a client that a interesting business name and we need a little clarity on setting up their GMB. The client's business name is GoldBuyer(removespace)
They chose this domain for SEO purposes and it happens to fit their business model to a T. Now... they are in a very competitive space and it happens so that some in their local
area has a name very close to ours. Their GMB is simply Gold Buyers(Space)Near Me
Question is can GoldBuyer(removespace) & Gold Buyers(Space)Near Me coexist?
As long as they have a public, physical location that customers can visit, they can set up a GMB. Similar names do happen so that competitor wouldn't completely rule them out. It is possible that Google will flag the listing as a duplicate or spam. If that happens, make sure you have plenty of photos - the exterior storefront, interior office, merchandise displays, and possibly a video of walking into the location and around the office. Copies of business licenses are also useful to have on hand. These can be provided as proof in case Google takes it down.

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