Mar 15, 2016
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Are the Wrong People Managing Your Online Reviews?

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Comcast hates customers. At least, that?s been their reputation for as long as anyone can remember.

When it comes to online reviews, it seems like no one?s behind the wheel. No one seems to be managing or responding to their nightmarish reviews.

A customer service rep changed the name on Ricardo Brown?s bill to Assh*le Brown after he terminated his cable TV service.


Comcast ignored Brown until the press got involved. Then, they were apologetic, offering a refund and two years of free service.

Mary Bauer?s name was changed to Super B*tch. Other customers were called names like whore and dummy.


No wonder customers believed Comcast hated them. What?s worse, David Cohen, a Comcast VP, admitted company officials were ?deeply disappointed in their customer service?. Later Comcast stated that ?it may take a few years before we can honestly say that a great customer experience is something we?re known for.?

Ouch. Did you catch the problem?


Comcast?s negative reviews show a disconnection

From the executive to individual departments (including customer service) ? they?re all disconnected from the customer. Which is where things get dicey.

Comcast?s review strategy isn?t intentional. Their reviews happen to them. As a result they have 4,010+ one star reviews on Consumer Affairs and thousands more on Amazon. They?ve been listed or mentioned as the worst company in America 21 times.


Online reviews need to be managed by?

No one?

Or, anyone and everyone? Maybe it?s by one person.

When it comes to managing online reviews, many organizations aren?t sure how to approach their reviews. It can be a challenge for a small business, let alone an enterprise with hundreds, even thousands, of locations. Do I hire a dedicated rep to handle and respond to reviews? Should it be a team?

It?s hard to move forward when you don?t have a plan.

Here?s the reality of online reviews. They typically need attention from more than one person, department or specialty. This little review story shows you what I mean.

I ordered leather shoes, paid for two day shipping, and they arrived late! Two weeks later the heel started separating from the rest of the shoe after only wearing them twice!

My shoes arrived defective. Then, when I tried to get a refund, I couldn?t get a hold of anyone! My experience has been the worst! A one star review is too much.

So far, we?ve learned there are issues with?

  • Product quality. These shoes weren?t made properly.
  • Quality assurance. Poor quality products aren?t caught before delivery.
  • Fulfillment. Products aren?t being shipped on time.
  • Customer service. Customers aren?t able to get in touch when they need help.

These departments need to take action on the points discussed in this review. But who should take the lead with the customer? Customer service? Sales? Marketing?

Read Andrew's full post here.

Discussion: When working with clients, who is usually in charge with managing online reviews? As an agency or consultant, do you help your clients figure out the governance of ORMM or is it usually a mess and everyone hopes for the best?

Review Promotion- (3).jpg
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