Jul 5, 2020
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I have a client who's map listing, on Google Maps, lists the category as "delivery", even though they are a bicycle store, and they are correctly categorized as such.

I've updated their GMB listing and removed the attribute, since it wasn't that important to the business, and in the hopes that it will jiggle the machine enough to have them display the primary category instead of yet another attribute.

Has anyone seen this before?


Jul 5, 2020
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Here it is -- GMB Helpdesk was finally able to resolve this one. Just a weird thing. Thanks, Colan!



Apr 7, 2021
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Yes, we have seen this. The category that shows on the Google maps by default is not always the primary category. In the search result page it can show the non primary category based on the search term used. On the individual business page though it is usually correct.

To show case this with an example. I searched for 'teeth whitening in Atlanta' and see this particular business marked below. It is called 'Dentistry for Midtown'. You see the that value given is 'Teeth Whitening' service. The orange shaded values are the categories obtained with GMB Everywhere chrome browser extension.

Now for the same business, on the business page the screenshot is given below. You see the category is shown as Dentist.

So, according to the search term, the categories maps shows below the business can change.

As you can see in image 1 above, the GMB Everywhere chrome browser extension is going to still give the primary business below on the search result page too. This way you can still find primary category on search result page. We are still testing the search page result now, we should be live with feature for the extension from next week. If you have the GMB Everywhere chrome browser extension it should automatically update next week. In the meantime, it shows the value on the individual business page.

Hope this helps :) Let me know if you have any other questions.

Colan Nielsen

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Jul 19, 2012
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Thanks @WilliamA ! That's an awesome tip. I think David is saying that the label on the map was pulling from the GMB attributes, not the secondary categories. So this is a bit different than what you described.


Jul 5, 2020
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No worries, good knowledge anyway!

FYI, my problem was actually showing *without* any search applied. Just going to maps.google.com and drilling down on the precise location. It was about a "default" a situation as can be had! ;-)
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