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Jun 5, 2020
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Hi all. I've been working with a mobile Auto Glass Repair company for years now. We have him set up as a service area business. We've had his category set as "Auto Glass Shop" up until recently when Google seems to have changed it to "Window Installation Service" and won't let us change it back. I understand he's not technically a "shop" but all of his competitors use Auto Glass Shop as their category, and unfortunately Window Installation Service or even Glass Repair Service don't accurately depict what he does. Both of those categories sound like someone who works residential jobs, not auto.

I wish their was a category for Auto Glass Repair Service, but until then, does anyone have any suggestions for what we should do here?

Phil Rozek

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Jul 26, 2012
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@kyleekay, it usually doesn't matter too much, at least for rankings. Often you'll see businesses with different primary categories rank for the same buckets of search terms. The category is one factor of many.

1. Are you saying Google won't let you add "Auto Glass Shop" as a secondary, additional category?

2. Are those competitors set up as service-area businesses (with hidden addresses), too?

I'd make sure the GMB landing page (which I assume is the homepage) has a significant blob of content on "auto glass repair" as a service. With that, you're more likely to get you preferred primary category to stick, sooner or later.

Also, you'll probably want to add it as a GMB service, if you haven't already. That may help make "auto glass repair" a service that reviewers can tag in their reviews, which may also help both your rankings for that family of terms and (maybe) the likelihood your preferred category sticks.



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Aug 23, 2014
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"Auto Glass Shop" up until recently when Google seems to have changed it to "Window Installation Service" and won't let us change it back.

I'm seeing reports of this on the GMB forum from several users and it's only happening to listings that have their addresses hidden. We're still waiting to hear back from Google on it.

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