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This is some pretty big news in my world that I thought I'd share here: You can now setup free autoresponders and reply-by-email for Google Business Messages.

Full disclosure: I am the creator of the tool. But I don't get anything for sharing it--except more work 😅 I help people get setup, and they tell me what features should be added! LOL.

Because Google has been rolling out Business Messages so slowly, many business owners don't feel the urgency to put money or manpower behind it.

That, of course, is why you might care about a solution that takes "money and manpower" out of the equation:
- Automate responding to customers on BM with simple autoresponders or more sophisticated messaging flows
- Or respond yourself without logging into Google or YADA ("yet another damn app"). Simply reply to the email notification itself and the system routes your reply back through Google BM to the customer!

There's more, but I think those are the highlights. Here's a video walk-through FWIW:

What do you think?
Dang, I see I've grayed since creating my avatar here, haha! I need to update that...
Sweet, thanks for posting this Jon. A free account is always good incentive to try it out :)

btw, you've definitely grayed, but your hair is way cooler!

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