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Apr 21, 2014
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I've got a bed and breakfast client that would like to attract more local business for their restaurant. I'm considering a separate GMB listing for them. Seems legit to me, but can they have the same phone number? And are there any minefields I should watch out for?
Possibly a stupid question but do they actually have a restaurant? or is it just the kitchen in their B&B?
It is a restaurant that has been open to non-guests for years. There are new owners of the B&B who have plans for lots of improvements, so the hours may expand in the future, but it has historically been open to the public Thursday thru Sunday evenings by reservation only.
Interesting. I didn't know that was a thing. :)
Hi, for the restaurant are you trying to make a new listing starting from scratch?
The name is the same?

I have several hotels with restaurant open for the public as well sharing the same phone number, and never got any problem.

Here in the Google guidelines for hotels they talk about Business inside your hotel, and explain this cases.
@Belen C I just saw that I didn't answer your questions. Yes, there is a listing for the inn but not for the restaurant. The name is the same, but I imagine it might be helpful to rename it, so it isn't something like "Pinetree Inn!"
Hey @Rich Owings, there will be not problem of having the two locations. There is not risk of duplicating cause the have different business category.

What i would do for sure is change the name. I would also not recommend to name it as "restaurant at the Pinetree Inn", cause unless thats the official name, mentioning the location are against Google guidelines.

"Containment information indicating that your business is located inside another business (whether or not the businesses are part of the same organization)."

There is the option of set "located in" for the restaurant listing. In the hotel guidelines they explain it. I was not able to get that for all the restaurants, only for the ones that are located in hotels that have years on gmb (many reviews, info, etc).

And as well now you have a listing that can do posts!
We ran into a snag with a golf course that has a restaurant onsite. Same phone number and they wanted to be listed as Quit Qui Oc Golf Club & Restaurant. Every profile let us change it except Apple MapsConnect, who said the signage didn't match. The sign said Quit Qui Oc Golf Club only. And the owners haven't updated their Facebook name so its on GMB but not Apple or Facebook. Frustrating. Apple won't accept until they change their signage which they will not.

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