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Jun 6, 2018
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Has anyone here ever tried only one of those two options, if yes, was it successful please? Reason asking is I know SEO people who don't do any blogging [only backlinking] and they have success but haven't found anyone yet who got good rankings based on fresh content alone.
If you really were limited to only one, then I’d focus on content. As @Colan Nielsen mentioned, great content with no links can rank depending on how competitive the market is, but crap content with lots of links will have a harder time ranking. Ideally, you’ll just do both. Create great content, then get some links to it.
Thank you! that is exactly what I have been doing. Reason why I had to ask this question is because a back linker suggested to me to link to the HOME page. What I have been doing is each month link to a different page [most important pages] so I cycle this.
I remember years ago Chase Reiner made claims that backlinks meant nothing, you could rank on content alone. And ran some experiments on it. It caused quite an uproar, I don't actually think his experiments turned out positively. Content when just a handful of links to push it is much better than content with no links at all.

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