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Jul 15, 2014
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I am currently in the process of optimising Local+ pages for 82 store locations. Adding in the website address, is it best practice to link to the website homepage or to the individual store landing pages within that domain? Not sure what would be better for SEO? Ultimately my priority is optimizing our ecommerce channel.

My first thout was to go with the store pages, but I can't see any other large business' doing this.
Any thoughts would be much appreciate :) thanks
Off the top of my head, without any extra information, I suggest using individual store location pages.

It will help from an SEO perspective and conversion as well (one less step for the local to find the store).

I would also suggest maybe outsourcing some copy to a copywriter to get 200-300 unique words for each location page, making sure that they include keywords. Normally, most location pages have copied content. That won't help you very much.

Hope it goes well for you!

Have you also considered using Moz Local on all of these individual locations? Could be an easy win.
Thanks Joshua, just needed someone else to confirm what I was thinking :) Moz Local looks to be a good option.

A lot of the info around local SEO is of course focussed around smaller business. I can't find many of the bigger companies doing a particularly good job with their new local+ pages yet, at least in the UK. If anyone has any particularly good examples to share that would be great. Or best practise/tips if there is anything else I need to look out for, optimizing for multiple locations?

thanks again
Most franchises and big box stores do poorly locally. At least in optimization. They still may rank well because of the strength of their domain though.

Good luck!
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