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Dec 3, 2016
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Have a client who is an BBB 'accredited business' aka they paid the BBB fee who rec'd the solicitation below. We already collect reviews for them that go to Google, some industry specific sites and we were collecting FB reviews until recently.

Is there any value here or reason to consider this? Any reasons NOT to do so are also appreciated!


Hey Rik,

It looks like this is a review service that helps you organize and funnel your customers to review sites. There are a lot of these types of companies out there and I would definitely say that using a review platform is a good idea (we do for all our clients).

GradeUs is the platform that sponsors this forum and I believe their platform is cheaper than the one you mentioned. I'll ask them to weigh in here to clarify if they integrate with BBB reviews.
Hey Rik, can definitely help you provide an effective review funnel for your clients that includes BBB among a ton of industry specific sites listed here: 3rd Party Publishers

Additionally, our pricing starts at $90/month and come with white label features for your agency. Pricing

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me personally at

Thanks for the mention Joy!
Thanks, Joy. We use GFS as a review gathering platform which seems to suffice and is certainly less than BBB wants. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything.

Glad you chimed in - first thing I thought of when I got his email was your swimming pool experience :eek:
For what it's worth, at my agency we have worked with several different review "management" systems. Recently we switched from the one that we had been using for the past year or more to GetFiveStars.

I like GetFiveStars a lot. It's simpler to use than some of the others.

One of the main motivating factors in our decision to leave our prior system and move to GFS was support. The support at our prior vendor started out great and then slowly attenuated over time to being just ok.

Then, not too long ago, the vendor's support function shut down entirely for three or four days while the company took all the staff to some offsite meeting. Yes, that's correct: their support department went completely non-responsive, "radio silent" for three or four days.

That happened right when we ran into an awkward situation with one of our clients that we could not solve without support. Ugh.

So, my point in this long diatribe is to recommend that you factor support, both type of communication and hours of operation, into your buying decision for review management systems.

As they say, "your mileage may vary".
Great points Tim. I think regardless what company someone chooses it's really good to check out their reputation online. Best way to do this is search "domain + reviews" like this or this.

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