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Jun 4, 2022
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What is the best way of handling spam reviews and ad clicks from fake profiles?

We only had 1 1-star review that was from an actual customer but in a span of less than 30 minutes we received 5 1-star reviews. We looked at our google ad dashboard and
typically we get about 50 clicks per week on our ads but the week we received the reviews with had 1560 clicks on our ads.

These are the 1-star reviews. They are obviously from other countries and we're a Google Guaranteed local service provider in Las Vegas.

Tommie Goad (most of the other reviews are from other countries)
"Customer support is not good of them really unhappy and expect a lot from them."

Randall L. Harris (most of the other reviews are from other countries)
"Their designs is not modern not got the perfect one."

Lily James (actress)
"Charges really very high of them much expensive for me."

Charlie Puth (actor)
"Work quality is not well of them unable to fulfill my requirements."

John Jacob (politician)
"Not satisfied for their work staffs are not experienced"

Toni's Garage Doors
4620 Arville St #D
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Office (702) 463-9075

We're a woman owned (my daughter), family operated business with our office and warehouse in Las Vegas. We're licensed by the Nevada State Contractors Board, BBB accredited, insured, Google Guaranteed local service provider, our employees have decades of experience in the industry and our reputation locally is impeccable.

We contacted google and they stated the reviews didn't not violate any policies so we posted this in the GMB community but we haven't received any response. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
For me, the first step is to respond to the review and state that you do not have a record of working with that person. State that you are the owner, and for them to please provide an invoice number so you can investigate their issue.

This will show any other potential visitor that you are engaged and believe the review is fake. People will be able to see through the BS if you have enough of the same response on multiple posts.

Then, as you did, escalating to Google to plead your case, etc. But first, I'd respond. Don't say you believe this is a fake review - let the reader make that conclusion, but ask for the invoice or contact info or any other details.

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