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Mar 14, 2013
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Hi all, I'm having an issue with G+ local that has me questioning whether I'm just missing something entirely.

I feel like I'm asking the right questions here and just banging my head against the wall.

I've created a support thread about this so I'll just link to that here and ask if anyone has any advice on this issue.

The gist is that we have retail locations and G+local support is telling me to hide the addresses, even on retail locations. Whenever I explain that these are retail locations that customers can walk in and buy stuff I just keep being told, basically, "no they aren't."

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Here's the thread.
Hi John,

I noticed that thread earlier but didn't really have time to dig in. Seems odd. I'm tied up but will try to look later if I can.

Anyone else have insights to shared?
Just a quick update on this. G+ support requested that I send a list of the locations that have actual retail storefronts. I've done that and now it's just a waiting game again.

As for the other locations that unquestionably serve customers at the store location (but don't have an actual retail storefront)...I've went ahead and hid the addresses for those listings because G+ support seems completely unwilling to budge on spite of the fact that we have a sizeable number of documented walk-ins each month. They haven't disabled those listings yet but after all this I'd be surprised if they don't.

Is there anyone else with experience with multi-location SABs or companies that are being mistaken for SABs? I'm having similar issues with another SAB client.

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