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Mar 20, 2024
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Hey everybody!

What do you consider Best Practices re. the consistency across the GBP, its Landing Page, and the Structured Data there? Thanks in adviance!
  • Does the Structured Data on the GBP landing pages need to match the GBP info or the info on the website (or both?)
  • Should the company name on the website/landing page/structured data match GBP, even if it is enhanced with keywords on GBP (“Law Firm XY, Personal Injury Attorneys Tampa”)
  • Business hours: Does the 24/7 on the GBP (re. Opening Factor) need to be matched on the landing page and structured data?
Schema should always match content. Content should never be different across platforms in any fundamental way like different hours, i.e. no business should be trying to trick the map then tell the truth on contact page.

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