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Jul 3, 2013
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What is the best way to determine the latitude and longitude for a business address. It seams that different tools give different results. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.
Hi Jamie, it's complicated. I teach several ways to do it in my course (explain verbally) but don't have time to type it all out right now. Not only complicated but there are gotchas to be careful of.

I primarily do in G maps BUT there are a couple different ways to do it. If you use another tool you should always doublecheck in G maps to be sure it resolves right.

I've been wanting to do a video on it because it's much easier to show and explain than just type.
Will try to do in in the next couple weeks if I get time.
Phil, thank you for that tool, but now I have another option that gives yet another result. Here are some of the more popular ways I have found to determine latitude and longitude.

The address I am using is 14 Hughes, Suite B102, Irvine, CA 92618

Method 1: Latitude and Longitude of a Point
Result 1: 33.652764,-117.717887

Method 2: Bulk Address Geocoding and Validation Tool
Result 2: 33.6527638,-117.7178872

Method 3: Geo sitemap generator | Create Geo Sitemap and KML files for FREE!
Result 3: 33.6527712,-117.7179587

Method 4: Google Maps (
How to Get Longitude and Latitude from Google Maps - wikiHow)
Result 4:

Method 5: Google Maps (From the URL of the address search)
Result 5:

Method 6: Google Earth (Export KLM from location address)
Result 6:

Method 7: Google Earth (Search for Business Name then properties)
Result 7: 33.652671,-117.717932

Here are my questions:
My big question is are any of these bad to use?
Is there a preferred method that Google wants for NAP/Local Search?
Does it really matter which one as long as you are consistent in KLM file and microdata onsite?
Any other places that latitude and longitude should be used?

Thanks in advance for the feedback!
Thanks Jamie,

Quick point, don't add suite when you find lat/long. Just street address.

That 1st one, itouchmap is interesting.

I use

One of the reason I like it, is after it gives you LL there is link to check it on G maps.

But here is the key, whatever tool you use, just be sure to double check on G maps 1st to be sure it resolves right on maps. Just feed the full LL right into map search and be sure it spits out the correct address.

So for example the LL in your result #7 is off. Does not take you to 14 Hughes but to 12 Hughes. I think that's cuz you mapped from the location of the listing which you can't do because the marker may be off.

Method 4 - that Wiki article is missing a couple steps so that won't normally give you accurate LL.

CRAZY - Something intesting and weird though...

Most of the LL's like the 1st one go here:
(2 businesses in the list)

But the Method 4 LL goes here:
Same exact address but 7 businesses on the list.

But if you direct map search the address:
Only 2 businesses show.

Soooo how come that one LL surfaces more of the businesses that are really there, even though both LLs land at the same address???
Since method 4 gives more businesses in the list is that the safer choice? I know those business are in the same building.

Thanks for all your help and guidance.
Safer, no don't think so. I think as long and LL resolves to that address it's OK.

I mean in this particular case sure I'd go ahead and use that one as long as we discovered that issue. But normally I'd just go with the 1st one you try from whatever tool you use - as long as it resolves when you test it.

But that particular method of getting it is tricky and they are missing a step in the directions. When I do it per their instructions I get 18 Hughes, not 14 Hughes.

And in general LL is tricky, there can be several that resolve for the same address.

Then on the other hand some addresses never do, no matter what. Best you can get is a LL that resolves to a range like 12 - 28 Hughes. You just can't get a LL that goes to 14.

Still really puzzled about why that one LL surfaces more businesses than even a direct search of the address does.
Hi Linda,

Thanks for the insight.

How are you determining the address a specific LL resolves to? When you say LL resolves to a range 12 - 28 Hughes I don't see that.
Sorry should have said 12 - 28 Main St, so not confusing. Was using 12 - 28 Hughes as a pretend example of what sometimes happens. You are good with that one.

I'm saying sometimes you'll get a range like that and no matter what tool you use you can't get the exact LL. So if that happens and you just can't get it right, I'd just use whatever LL zeros in the best.
This may not be the best method but it is certainly one of the easiest.

  1. Google Maps
  2. Right click on map
  3. Select "whats here"

This method provides Lat/Long for the location where you right clicked. I use this method because I get the exact lat/long for where my marker is located on the map.

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