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Aug 10, 2012
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I'm looking at offering a blog design service for local small businesses - over 90% of them in the UK don't know what one is and if they do have one, then they never ever get past the first test post.

Looking at buying expand2web's smallbiz theme initially and wondering if it actually would give a local business a boost out of the box? It looks like it's been really well thought through and another bonus is that it seems to be very well maintained.

If anyone's got any experience or other recommendations that would be great.

I know that probably most of the features within the theme [FONT=&quot]could [/FONT]be created with plugins and tweaks, but I'm looking for a more all round theme that will be easy for me to setup and create an on-site optimised site as quickly as possible.

Many thanks in advance.
I'm a fan of Don's smallbiz theme and recommend it. Primarily because he specializes in local so has really thought about and built in most of the local optimization features that are needed to rank well. And I've seen some of his clients sites rank really well with the theme.
Thanks for recommending smallbiztheme. Was just checking their website. Wish their themedesign/layout examples would look a little less 90`s style.

Anyone here experienced with clickbump local magic and destin themes ?
These look much more modern & visual appealing.


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