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Feb 10, 2022
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Hi Guys,

I have a client have the issue with secondary profile name, previously we are able to insert the secondary name for Business profile via google maps. Right now, seems this function is not applicable and we have some business name switch to English name even when we run for local search example in Japan.

However when we tried to update the name, the primary name will auto-switch to Japanese and ignore the English Profile name that set previously. The client still wish to remain the English name as primary name. I have write to google support but it doesn't solve.

Anyone facing the same issue? Thanks!
Can you have other Google users do the "Suggest an edit" on maps and add an alternate name below the English name field? The more users who do this the better for signals to Google that the English name is the primary, but the Japanese name should show for Japanese searches.

Also, if you are seeing the Japanese name showing on maps as the main name in the English search, suggest an edit to change it back to the English name.

Otherwise, I suggest posting this on the Google Business profile community thread to try and get another support team to look at it. Especially if the primary name will auto-switch to Japanese name in the dashboard, you may need support to fix this for you.

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