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Mar 4, 2021
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Hi All,

Im hoping someone with some knowledge in Bing Places might be able to shed some light on the awful experiences we have been having with Bing Places when updating listings.

We manage a host of car dealerships and have been busy claiming/verifying all of them successfully. Over the last 8 weeks our team have manually logged into Bing and updated all the fields (that require it) with the correct data.

However Bing seem to randomly decide what they are going to publish, what they are not going to publish and in some instances publish something completely different! Its very frustrating.

We've spoken to Bing Support who are very helpful but all we seem to get is "its been raised with a technician" then since then its been weeks with holding emails and no progress. All the while only 60% of our updates are published.

Be great to hear if anyone has had any success with trying to manually publish ? I know there are services out there like Whitespark and Yext who offer this but the price is off putting and we have the resource to do it manually.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, guys. I had a bing local question that I thought I would ask here before posting to the main group. I work for law firms and I found that one of our law firms has like 10 listings on Bing, all at different addresses and wrong. How can I work with Bing to clean this up since if try to claim the listings, the postcard would be sent to the wrong address?

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