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Feb 23, 2015
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Why when I search for some company names does the Knowledge Graph on the right appear (with inside photos, number etc) and for some it doesn't?

I've searched against a few company names that have GMB set up with profile 100% and linked to their websites and it doesn't appear. Also the Google+ link doesn't appear below their organic listing.

What are the major factors? and what needs worked on.

Hi Michael,

Hard to say without looking. Each could be a somewhat different case.

1st off, need to search with name + city to trigger it for many small biz. Part of the reason you only get a KP if you search name + city is that Google has to be pretty certain what company you are searching for in order to show it. Nationally there could be lots of businesses with somewhat similar names, so if someone instead searches for "Bob's Plumbing Denver" it helps G feel sure which business you are searching for and she's more likely to show the KP.

Additionally on newly verified listings there can be some lag time.

Plus some really small businesses don't have enough prominence to be featured so you need to give them some help.

Yet others may have NAP problems or other issues.

Here are a couple good posts from Mike.

<a href="">My Local Knowledge Panel Doesn't Show on Google - What can I do? - Local University</a>

<a href="">8 Tips to Optimize Your Local Knowledge Panel in Google Search - Local University</a>
Good posts Linda, thank you.

2 of the cases that I am looking at have very distinctive and unique names.
They both use link re="publisher"
They both are long standing verified local business with 100% listings and both more than 5 reviews.
One has inside photos.
They also have strong citations and local organic listings.

They may suffer from a lack of followers, other than that I can't pinpoint why some businesses with less citations and clout have a KP appear for their company name even without adding the city, county or phone number.


Some factors from my experience I belive are important in this:

? Business or brand name matching or partial matching the Domain name.

? Brand name searches on Goolgle with click throughs to the site.

? "citations", brand mentions or other identifying brand info on other web pages with links back to the site using the business or brand name as anchor text.

? Linking to the respective G+ profile or Google maps link for that business or brand from the main site.

? Overall reviews, "citations", or mentions of the business or brand around the web along with user interaction on any properties/platforms Google has data access to. Sources known as reliable and trusted or owned by Google seem to have stronger affects.

Didn't have time to check the links above but those are some of the main things off the top of my head.
Michael - when you are doing the incongitio check, are you also making sure to set the area to where ever the business is? I've found recently if my incongitio location is far away from the actual business, it doesn't always show
Hi cdawg2610 I can't get it to show (just brand search) even for the area concerned.
ok so here's an update on this.

I can now search on my company's brand name and the knowledge panel appears (this started to happen a few weeks ago).

Another client that I was working on had the same issue round about the same time, and his knowledge panel started to show at the same time as mine.

I'm guessing this is a time factor.

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