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Jun 28, 2016
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Hey Guys,

First time poster here. I was wondering if any of you have noticed this occurring with any of your brands.

With Google's Beta Search Console, we're allowed to look back 16 months to see how terms were performing last year.

I have one particular client which has branded terms that are seeing less clicks yet more impressions than last year.

A few scenarios on why I think this is happening:
1. Branded Paid Search Ads Served at the Top
2. Knowledge Panel (Local Listings), actions (Call & Directions) are beginning to take up website clicks.
3. Knowledge Panel (Wikipedia/Social Profiles) - users can visit wikipedia to learn more about brand or engage with brand on social.
4. The rest of the results include Main Social Profiles
5. YouTube Videos (desktop) / Youtube Feed (mobile).

I guess my question is, are any of you guys experiencing this decline in branded search clicks while impressions are up from last year?

Looking forward to hearing from people.

Have you noticed overall traffic dropping or leads dropping at the same rate? Also, which industry is it in? That could help narrow the search and help us compare this to similar clients.

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