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Jun 28, 2012
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I was recently in a LocalU Hangout where we were discussing local landing pages for multi-location businesses. The discussion of course several times focused on the doorway page update and how to stay safe, and yet create unique content that would help your city pages rank.

Todd Bialaszewski shared a process that his company started implementing for a few of the moving companies they work with that can help automate the process of creating unique, local content on an ongoing basis.

Love this outside the box thinking and it's a great idea!

<a href="">How to Turn Customers Into Bloggers with Gravity Forms</a>

To sum it up – you can use Gravity Forms (you must have a WordPress site) to create a web form and properly structure it so that the form submission can be turned in to a blog post. You can set certain fields to create your post title and post body, as well as the post categories. Once you create your form you can invite past customers to come fill it out and give their experience. Turning them into your very own bloggers.

For today’s example I am going to show you how you would create this form if you ran a website for a moving company. And I’ll share the exact form I use below. You can easily change this up to fit just about any business.

This form will allow us to convert the form submission into a post draft that:

Contains an optimized title, complete with keyword and location
Allow us to optimize the heading tags
Allow us to properly categorize the post

Head over to read the rest. I think it's a great idea!

Note the pro tip: "Create a notification to let you know when someone submits the form so you can go check it out, proof it and approve it."

Todd even shares the form he created in the post, so you can customize and reuse it.

Thanks Todd!

What do you think?

Have you ever tried anything like this?

Are you planning to try to implement this idea?

FYI - For local landing page tips see the Multi-Location Issues forum.

h/t Mike Blumenthal - Google+
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Just realized using the word "Automated" with the phrase "Local Landing Pages" seems like a bad move for a title, but when you read the post it will all make sense.

Totally kosher and a great idea!

This could be expanded for different industries with various themes and twists.

For boring industries where the story about the product or service would not be very interesting, could have contests that are more general and location oriented like:

"Share your favorite thing about living in Denver?"

I'm still half asleep over here on the left coast, so my creativity is not turned on yet.
But let's brainstorm other ideas for using this technique!
Just had an idea to combine this concept with the new local video marketing service I'm working on.
Super cool way to generate ongoing new video content.

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