Sep 20, 2019
How is it that customer feedback companies don't run into the problem of Google not allowing soliciting reviews in bulk?

Oct 13, 2017
+1, it's a published article but on the flip side, Google gives business owners posters asking customers to review them. Have never seen them penalize or enforce this policy.


FYI, I would strongly advise against doing it on Yelp. You can get your listings flagged and category search ranking penalized. Yelp advertisers will also get their campaigns shut off.


Jon Hall

Jul 11, 2013
Having run a "customer feedback" (i.e. review management) company for 5+ years, we were very cognizant of this rule and its wording, and even in the absence of known penalties, I'd still recommend adhering to its "spirit".

"Bulk" solicitation evokes this scenario: a business with 20 years of customer data wants to buttress its GMB listing by blasting its historical customer database with review requests. If successful, this seldom-reviewed business suddenly gets scores of reviews on GMB in one fell swoop. Even if there's no Google penalty per se, the result smells funny to consumers, especially a year or two down the road when all of the listing's reviews are old.

"Transactional" solicitation is a better model to follow, even if requesting reviews from past customers. Reaching out to a few at a time over time creates a natural, consistent flow of reviewers, adheres to the spirit of Google's policy, and produces a better result WRT to savvy consumers who pickup on this stuff in surprising ways.

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