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Jan 3, 2020
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Not sure what this is called, but when doing a branded search and looking at the knowledge panel comes, often under the Review count (not always), it has the primary category and then either the City or County it's located in.

How does Google decide if it shows the City or County? I've seen Google show City for one business and County for another business in the same primary category, all have a physical location.

Is there a way to get Google to change what they show (showing different for competitors) and does it even make a difference?

For Example, this comes up in Marietta, GA, but I've seen some that say Cobb County, GA.​

Thank you so much Colan! This is just what I was looking for. Great article.

I wasn't sure why Google was putting the County instead of the City in the Knowledge Panel, but after looking at it on the map with the city boundaries it makes sense since they are in the unincorporated part and not within City limits.

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