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Apr 28, 2015
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I have a client (who I will call Business 1) who acquired another business (who I will call Business 2). Business 1 has two office locations prior to the merger with Business 2, and after acquiring Business 2 they now have three total office locations throughout the US. Business 1 has two GMB profiles, one for the home office and one for their secondary office.

Business 2 has an active GMB listing from before the acquisition with many reviews, posts, service list, etc. The profile is pretty robust and in good standing. That profile has been around for over a decade. I suggested that Business 1 change the name of the acquired GMB to their business name and keep it active since they still have staff at that location and occasionally clients will visit that location for meetings.

Business 1 does not want to do this because they fear that when someone searches their business name, they may see the Business 2 profile and get confused. I don't think people will get confused if we leave verbiage about the merger in the Business 2 profile.

What would be considered best practices in this instance? My apologies if this was confusing.
Hey Tammy,

It kind of depends. Can you share some specific details like the business NAP's? Feel free to DM them to me if you do not want to share publicly.

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