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Jan 3, 2020
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A restaurant keeps getting calls on their cell phone instead of the phone number listed in GMB. They've asked the callers where they found their cell number so they can change it and they said "Google". I am in the process of claiming the GMB accounts but did check and when you click the "Call" button, the correct number comes up, not the cell number.

Is there a way to search and find out where customers are getting this other number online? I can't find where it's listed. It's good they're getting calls, but we want them to call the correct number so they can be handled more efficiently.
Have you tried searching Google for that phone number?
Is it possible that the number on their GMB listing is somehow redirected to their cell phone? Like with a call tracking system or something like that?
I did a Google search and didn't see anything. I'll check their listing once I gain access to it. They've been in business for 34 years and never claimed their listings, so who knows what's on there.

It might even be worth searching google for different formats of that number, e.g., nnn-nnn-nnnn, (nnn)nnn-nnnn etc
It might also be worth checking their citations...

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