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Sep 5, 2016
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Has anyone experienced the above recently

Where no error has been highlighted within the GMB dashboard (still verified) all info correct , link still work ect

However when trying to search on the map itself the business has completely disappeared

No knowledge panel
No reviews despite some locations having over 1,000 in some cases
does not appear in dropdown when searching in directions

The first time I saw it happened for a location I manage in Jordon in March

However this week (21st-26 Sept) It has impacted 3 different unrelated locations in London

The team at my agency think it may be as a result of marking locations as temporary closed then reopening
Sounds a bit buggy. They could be suspended but possibly there is a lag in the dashboard. If you want to create a thread over at the GMB forum with the details, I can have someone take a look.
Hello @JoyHawkins

don't think they are suspended as there is no indication of that and the first issue happened on the 22nd of September and the information on the dashboard is yet to change which would seem to me like a very long lag

I reached out to google and they said they was an issue and would look into it for me on the 25th this was not the GMB team as I am yet to hear anything from the ticket I raised to them

Will put it on the forum if still unresolved

They are all unrelated locations in different account not all in our agency dashboard
this was not the GMB team as I am yet to hear anything from the ticket I raised to them

When you contact the GMB team, it sends you an auto-responder. If you still have that in your inbox, go ahead and reply to it and you should get a response in 48 hrs.

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