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Jul 18, 2012
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The business has 3 locations in the suburbs of a decent size metro area. I have landing pages set up for each location on the website. Example:


How do I handle the meta title tag on the home page? Do I put all 3 city names in the title like this:

Dentists in City 1, City 2, & City 3 | Bob's Best Dentistry

or do I pick one city and only use that:

Dentists in City 1 | Bob's Best Dentistry

If it's the latter, which city do I pick?

Travis I just posted a long answer on the other similar post you did today here:

<a href="">Business w/Multiple Locations: Should G+ Listings Link To Home Page or Loc. Pages?</a>

I think my answer there covers this one too or maybe it's even the same client???

Thought about merging these 2 because they are so similar?

When I think multi-location strategy it all ties together (in my head anyway).
How do you optimize the site, landing pages, NAP issues and which page to link to.

Thanks. And yes, this is the same client. I just wasn't sure if I should separate the posts since one was dealing with G+ specifically and this one was about home page stuff. If you want to merge them, merge away:D

And thanks for answering my questions!! It helps a ton.



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