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Dec 9, 2014
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I have a client who has a cell phone repair shop under his business name. Apparently his first (A) shop was under another business name he owned, and still operating under that name. The other two, B and C Shops have the new business name. Now the problem is he created different location pages for each one, and tried to implement the keyword inside the URL. Now my first suggestion was to use the A shop name inside the URL instead of using the keyword and the city. To me this could be confusing, as you can not try to rank for the same keyword for all 3 locations and you will create competition between locations.

How do you suggest we proceed? Use different keyword inside the URL, or just the Branch name "A" and then for the rest we use different keywords? - perhaps we can optimize one for iPhone lets say the other one for Samsung? just an example.
Appreciate it Folks!
@Gsmithmike, your client should only have one Google My Business page per location. Maybe that's already the case, but it's not clear to me.

What to use as the GMB landing page? I generally suggest using the homepage URL. (That has most or all of the link juice.) Have a blurb on the homepage on each of the 3 locations, with a link to each of the "location" pages. (It's fine to have those; I just wouldn't use them as your GMB landing pages, unless you go to the effort of earning some good links to those specific pages.)

I wouldn't include a keyword in the URLs. Just the name of the location, or the city that location is in.

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