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Aug 13, 2012
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Hey all,

I hope everyone is having a great week! I just wanted to pick everyone's brain on this instance and am wondering if anyone has any insight or feedback regarding it.

Today, I inherited a client who's local and organic SEO is currently just a mess. As of right now, I am working on the suspended Google account. After looking into these listings (a total of 3) within the Google Places dashboard, there is seemingly nothing that violates Google quality guidelines.

With that being said, there was a "noindex" tag found on the client's homepage of the website. The local listings within the Places dashboard were linking out to this same homepage.

Therefore, does anybody think it's possible that the "noindex" tag could attribute to the Google account being suspended (due to the local listings using it as the website)?

So far, I have spent little amount of time on the issue but just wanted to get everyone else's opinion on the scenario. As always, thanks so much in advance for any insight and/or feedback you provide!

Thanks again,
Hmmm, that's a good question Matt. Don't know and have never seen it come up.

BUT if you are absolutely sure listings are perfectly clean here are a couple rocks to look under. I do tons of consulting/troubleshooting like this and can usually find the culprit after I dig in.

1) If multiple locations esp if atty or SAB - G may think some locations don't qualify.
OR some might be virtual office or whatever. I've seen LOTS of suspensions for both scenarios.

2) Could be claimed in another account or even multiples.

3) There WERE a rash of suspensions a couple weeks ago that were false positives and folks were able to get their listings re-instated. But I believe the problem that caused the bad suspensions was fixed as I'm not seeing more than usual lately. But still...

After you look under all the possible rocks, read this post in case you missed it. Suspended no longer means dead/start over necessarily. IF you are sure account is clean might try this.

Hey Linda,

Thank you so much for the feedback! I am very adamant with checking for virtual offices because, likewise, I have seen many suspensions for that as well. I will make sure to follow through on the remaining 2 suggestions. The more I think about it, after you bringing it up, this could very well be claimed in 2 different accounts.

As always, thanks SO MUCH for your help Linda, I truly appreciate your feedback and insight!

Thanks again,
Dual claimed listings in the past didn't usually result in suspension, but I've seen it a few times recently, so worth exploring.

PLUS forgot to mention, but I'm sure you know this. Need to do in-depth MM research. Could be something they did previously and now everything looks fine but suspension was delayed reaction to a previous violation or something.
Matt, I have to ask...why was there a "noindex" tag on their homepage? Did they place that there? Because it's very odd that they would be trying to rank in the SERPs but had a noindex tag on their homepage. But that wouldn't be a reason why they would get their Local listings suspended. As Linda said, something else was/is going on there.
Hey David,

That is a great question that I wish I had the answer to. I was just as shocked as you were when I heard this. Like I said, this was an inherited client and situation that was sent over to diagnose, so I don't have any insight into how it happened but wish I did.

Thanks for asking, I appreciate it!


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