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Jun 24, 2023
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We're thinking of using a combination of tools to increase the content volume we can add to our clients' sites. We'll rephrase and pass all content in a humanizer tool to make the content look more human. We know AI content ranks less well in the Organic rankings, but do we have data that shows AI content on site can negatively impact local rankings in Local Finder?

Thank you!
I haven't seen any data to support that either way. My guess is that as long as the content is useful to the person who finds it you will be just fine.
We know AI content ranks less well in the Organic rankings
That is not true.

AI can cause rankings to rise or fall.
As well, Human writing can cause rankings to rise or fall.

Helpful content, no matter if AI or Human, can help rankings. Non-helpful content can hurt rankings.

I have seen AI content rank very well and Human writing not rank at all. I have also seen the opposite.

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