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I'm a little confused, but here goes.

Are you referring to only 1 listing or 2 separate listings? With the new dash, you can make a different account a "manager". The after 2 weeks of being a manager, the primary account can transfer ownership to the other account. I don't believe it works that way in the old dash. Anyone else know?

Does that help?
Our client's Google accounts are a mess.

The account with the new dashboard has two locations. Both of these are duplicates and we plan on deleting them in the future. This account is also used for for AdWords and we ultimately want this to be the sole Google account for everything.

The account with the old dashboard has 4 locations. Two of these locations were automatically generated by Google because we updated their addresses. One of the locations has an old address but over 30 5 star reviews. We do plan on requesting a transfer in the near future, and I feel confident that we'll be approved because the business's principal, brand, and services have remained the same, just an address change.

On total, there are currently 6 different locations, but our client only has 2. We plan on deleting the duplicates once we the reviews transferred and can access everything from one sole account.
ok. Going to also take a leap at this one. I just had a situation where I had a listing in the new G+ Dashboard (previously verified in Places and G+) that was marked unverified and as a duplicate. The duplicate was located in the new Places dash board. We deleted the listing in the G+ dashboard and then Started the process of creating a new G+ page that was showing in the new places dashboard. Once I created that G+ page all the original information, reviews, and verification check mark etc... showed up in my G+ dashboard. Does any of that make sense? Or does that help?

Also, Just call Google and they will transfer any reviews. Things are happening pretty quickly on my end. Changes seem to be showing within minutes.

Google Phone Support
I'm confused by this one too.

You said: "On total, there are currently 6 different locations, but our client only has 2."

I think you meant 6 listings for 2 locations?

If any of those are dupes for the same business at the same location then that's a violation for them to be claimed in the same or different accounts.

AND it will create a big mess during this upgrade and some will be blocked/invalid.

See this post: Warning Email re Google Places Duplicate Listings

Especially read #43 from Jade at Google which explains the complicated mess.
Out of 6 of these locations, only two of those locations have the same addresses, but they are not the current locations that the business is at. Furthermore, one of the duplicate locations has the street address misspelled. The misspelled location has the 30+ reviews that we want transferred.

Only two of these 6 locations are currently occupied by our client.

Remember, Google created two of the locations after we updated the addresses.

I'd like to add that our company acquired this mess from a previous SEO firm, we're just trying to get it under control and play by the rules.
Whew it's been a while, but we've learned some new things about Google+ Local.

I spoke with someone from Google about our concerns and we?ve learned a lot, but we also want to get another set of eyes and opinion on the chronological steps we want to take for our client.


  1. We have a client with two Google accounts, and we want to consolidate the accounts to have AdWords, Places, etc in one account for simpler management.
  2. Client has two locations, but has moved several times, leaving duplicate listings with old addresses. One of these listings has 30 5-star reviews, we want this moved to one of the correct addresses.

Places Page ? Old Dashboard ? Account set to be abandoned (see attachment)
4 listings. 2 have the correct address, 2 have the old, incorrect addresses. One of those old and incorrect listings (7011 Nundy A venue[sic]) has many 5-star reviews that we want to retain. That listing is claimed by another email address, one we do not control or have any idea who controls it. 3 of these listings in this dashboard have been verified, but are pending review.

Places Page ? New Dashboard ? Targeted Account (see attachment)
2 listings, both incorrect, duplicate addresses. We plan on deleting these as they are old and incorrect to begin with.

What I Learned from Google Phone Call

  1. Old and New Dashboards cannot manage each other at all. There is no timeframe for old dashboards to be moved over to new dashboards.
  2. Deleting a listing from either of the dashboards does not delete the listing, but deletes that Google account?s access as a manager of that listing.
  3. To report a listing as close or relocated, one must use the ?Report A Problem? link in Google Maps and select the most accurate problem.

The Steps We Want to Take (chronologically):

  1. Transfer Ownership of the 7011 Nundy A venue [sic] address that has the 5-star reviews from the Old Dashboard to the New Dashboard.
  2. Delete all the listings from the old dashboard.
  3. Claim and verify listings to the two correct listings (12902 US 301 and 1101 Channelside) on the new dashboard.
  4. Request a transfer of reviews from the from the 7011 Nundy address to one of the two correct listings in step 3.
  5. Delete the two incorrect/duplicate listings on the new dashboard.

How does that sound for plan?


Just wondering if anyone had a chance to take a moment to comment on this. We'd really like to know if our plan of action is the best way to go.

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