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Jun 6, 2018
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Hey guys, when you ask a question in google bard AI, can you copy and paste the results exactly as it is on your page's content or would you need to rewrite it please?
Yes, I get that part but reason for me asking is the answer I got to my question including the list form from the google AI is 'perfect' so I do not want to have to adjust a single word unless there would be a penalty for it by Google, that is what I am trying to find out.

I am not talking about an entire page, it's faq information list only which I would like to use but I guess for safety reasons I should rewrite it because there is no way to improve on it by adding anything else.

Thanks for the link, only thing I am seeing there is this:

Should I use AI to generate content?​

If you see AI as an essential way to help you produce content that is helpful and original, it might be useful to consider. If you see AI as an inexpensive, easy way to game search engine rankings, then no.

Since the purpose of the snippet of content I intend on using is more to inform the reader than manipulate the search engines I am thinking I can use the content as is.
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You should be adding unique content to the web, not regurgitating content Google has already consumed and rewritten itself. The AI generated content may be unique in that it's not already posted online, but AI is known to repeat answers and Google itself wrote the content so I doubt they would consider it unique if you just reposted it.
Having read my fair share of AI content, I find it hard to believe it's 'perfect'. AI-generated content is great, but it's still very easy to detect. Even if you only reword a few sections here any there, it would help to make your content look more authentic. I'm sure AI content will develop to a point where we can't spot it anymore, but we're not quite there yet. You can use tools like AI Checker to see how likely or unlikely it is that your content is generated by AI.

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