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Apr 21, 2014
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Sorry, if I missed this elsewhere. I checked the Covid-19 section in The Guide but didn't see anything about it. Is Google allowing new GMB listings these days?
You can always create new listings and get them verified. We are hearing of massive delays in new listings being published. This is what I have been posting the GMB forum, “Google needs to manually review all newly created listings and this process is taking longer to complete.”
There is delay, I see edits are not happening after Mar 20th
We’ve created numerous new listings, but the verification cards (we don’t seem to be getting phone verification like we usually do) are taking longer and when verified the listings sit in limbo waiting to be published. This is US market, btw.
It seems to be varying based on the listing & possibly the account that's creating them. Some people are able to, others are not.

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