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Mar 10, 2020
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I have owned a small business for 8 years with a physical address that is GMB verified and to date we have solid reviews and a good reputation but after much effort over the years we have not gained traction in Google's rankings compared to our competition.

I live in a top 5 city in a hyper competitive industry and decided to really start diving into our SEO, GMB and online reach. I felt the best way to go about doing this would be to find a competitor that continually ranked in the map pack that was doing well and duplicate what they had done.

What I learned is that I'm never going to do his volume or scale like I want to if I don't do something radical. This company has no less than 15 GMB's in the same city, same company name with city keyword. 80% of these locations are in shared offices, UPS stores or residential homes. They also have another 5 GMB's in other states with the same set up.

This company has an A+ BBB rating which lists a start date of 3 years ago and is already the largest player in the state and has been able to scale it in 3 years when it should have taken 10. I don't foresee Google just swooping in and eliminating all the GMB's from a million dollar company.

I'm not one to suggest an edit either, it's his business model and Google's responsibility to oversee their own procedures and policies but why wouldn't I try to duplicate the same if Im capable?

I'm considering turning 5 rental properties I have into GMB's and managing each like he does, I have a few questions is if I do this that I'd love input on:

1. Should I have them all listed under my current GMB or create separate ones with different emails for each?

2. Should I name all of them like I have my current GMB or go company name + city like he does?

3. What's my exposure to having a residential property at these locations even if I'm verified?

4. Should I instead consider forming 5 new LLC's that incorporate keywords in the title and URL domain, getting legit small offices with signage and just optimize them all. I would obviously make them all entirely different from one another and in all corners of the city.

5. Do you think it's possible to follow every Google policy to the letter of the law and still show up in the map pack all over the city? That being the goal.

Thanks for your input!

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