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Jun 28, 2012
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Cant Login to GMB Today? You are not alone!

Lots of people are having the issue. I was waiting to report until I saw it was widespread and not just a one-off glitch, since I can login just fine.

Barry's Blog:

Local Search Pro Community:

One person over at Barry's blog said it's just a simple redirect URL mistake. Seems if this was it, the right people at G could have corrected by now.

Colan and I just reported to Google and I'll keep you posted once I hear back.

Anyone here having the same problem??? If you are please comment in this thread so I can add it to my Google report, so they can see how widespread the problem is.
Heard back from Google that yes, there is a technical issue right now, but engineers are actively working to fix it.

In the meantime, users should be able to access their account by going through

Some folks at the Pro Community are already reporting the problem is resolved for them.
How 'bout you? All better now?
wasn't working earlier but I'm in now. Thank you for the follow up.

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