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May 21, 2019
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Hi, all. Now that GMB has added the option to request "bulk" reviews via key platforms (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Email), what do you think this may mean for requesting reviews from the same location?

It is widely known that Google "penalized" businesses for multiple reviews from the same IP address. For the dental practices that we represent, we stayed away from encouraging reviews from patients while they were in the office.

Do you think the penalty still stands? Or is it ok to ask patients while they are in the office to review the practice from their mobile phone or tablet?

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Unless they were connected to the dental practice's Wi Fi hot spot they would use the IP address from their cellular carrier.
Ok, is it still ok for patients to review the practice from the office if they are using the practice wifi?
Not really. They will likely get filtered out if G sees them coming from the same IP.
Please note that Google turned off the ability for new reviews to be posted on March 20th. They are slowly allowing businesses to have new reviews posted as of April 9th. Please make sure that your business is able to have the new reviews show up prior to soliciting reviews. You can and should solicit reviews shortly after they leave the business. Some review platforms have reminders that they can send to follow up with the client to leave that review.

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