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Sep 27, 2012
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I have a very small piece of involvement with a marketing campaign for a doctors practice with multiple locations. The person spearheading the campaign is asking the web agency to change the tracking phone numbers daily to show value and worth. They plan on using several forms of marketing including email marketing.

Personally, for a doctor, I see changing numbers daily to be a bad idea b/c if I save the number in my phone and go to call down the road, there is a chance I don't get the doctor b/c the number is out of service. I am not able to get a straight answer or logical reason for changing the numbers every day. Not to mention, it's a lot of work for the web company and likely to incur lots of billable charges, raising the cost of the campaign.

Anyone have experience here? Is this a good or bad idea? What are your thoughts on why it's a good/bad idea?
I've been using call tracking without negatively affecting local rankings for sometime now.

We usually assign 8 to 11 numbers per account/location. We use that many numbers to segment google organic, Yahoo organic, bing organic, ppc for each, display etc. I've never heard or read about changing numbers daily.

I would never recommend using numbers that you cannot port or take with you once the relationship ends.
Thanks Cody. I can perfectly see the logic with assigning more then 1 number per location for the exact reasons you state but daily? That to me is excessive. One would have to think the old numbers will forward correct?
Even 1 number a day turns into 365 by next year......maybe ask more questions. The main Q being can I port numbers and how many. You will have a client want to burn your house down if the call tracking relationship ends, numbers are repurposed to a new business or say number not in service to all those that saved numbers in cell phones etc....
It just baffles me. I cannot, for the life of me, wrap my head around the logic behind this idea. Even if they were going to send a mailing out everyday, which is still overkill for a doctors office IMO, I can't quantify in my mind why they would change numbers daily.

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